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Tatra Nabytok
With no known designer this easy chair was designed in the 1950's during the soviet era and produced in the Tatra factory in Brataslava.
It has a simple, ingenious use of construction and material combination. The bent ply detail in not just easy on the eye but provides a practical. tactille and comfortable armrest . Its resorseful elegance allows this chair to stand out on its own uninfluenced by other pieces of its time.
We have a pair on offer, the price listed is for one. We also have the ottoman footstool which in itself is a hard find!

It has its original fabric cover ,which is in good condition,however it really would bebefit from reupholstery ,We are happy to provide that service.
Check out Bute fabrics. 
Price: EUR 1450.00
CONDITION: excellent
Tatra Nabytok
Tatra Nabytok Tatra Nabytok