The Room   Works by Mr. Simon Tyrrell inside the sixties

Lager / Showroom
Schulgasse 26
A-1180 Wien

Dienstag bis Samstag

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by Simon Tyrrell
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by Christine Tyrrell
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Illum Wikelsso

1950 sofa

Preis: 3000.00 Euro


1950'S G-Plan sideboard .

Preis: 620.00 Euro

Arnne  Vodder  Danish extending table

Arnne Vodder extending table

Preis: 1150.00 Euro

 Sofa bed

1970's sofa with adjustable ends

Preis: 380.00 Euro


Fifties sofa/bed in blue and light grey

Preis: 620.00 Euro

Drinks Trolly

1950's Design Unknown

Preis: 180.00 Euro

Nest of tables

1970's teak

Preis: 220.00 Euro

Coffee table

Ercol coffee table 1950'S designed by Lucien Ercollanii

Preis: 260.00 Euro

Garden chair

Fifties wicker garden chair

Preis: 80.00 Euro

Fantastic, clever 1950-60  folding chair

Folding chair

Preis: 0.00 Euro

Arm Chair

1950's armchair

Preis: 250.00 Euro

Swivel chair

1940's -50's office chair

Preis: 220.00 Euro

Danish teak sideboards

1960's beautifully constructed chest of Drawers and sideboard with sliding doors

Preis: 720.00 Euro

Rattan garden furniture

!960's garden furniture

Preis: 120.00 Euro

Finish Design

1960's dining chairs

Preis: 120.00 Euro


Ercol easy chair and footstool

Preis: 450.00 Euro

 Alexander Begge

Red plastic childrens chairs

Preis: 280.00 Euro

Easy Chair

Beautifully reupholstered in leather. Arne Vodder Danish Designed in 1950

Preis: 1100.00 Euro

Fifties Warbrobe in satin wood

Fities wardrobe as used on the homepage

Preis: 460.00 Euro


Sixties dining chairs Wiesner Haager

Preis: 120.00 Euro

Sixties Danish teak Dining/coffee table

danish teak coffee/dining table with pull out side extentions

Preis: 520.00 Euro

Roland Rainer chair

Roland Rainer chair is called the 3/4/3 chair.

Preis: 750.00 Euro

Modular 50

Spindal backed 50's kitchen benchs

Preis: 320.00 Euro

Josef Hoffmann sofa

Josef Hoffmann sofa

Preis: 2000.00 Euro

Swivel chair

Designed for Thonet

Preis: 750.00 Euro

Kohn chair

Josef Kohn chair

Preis: 750.00 Euro

Otto Wagner chair

Otto Wagner chair

Preis: 1800.00 Euro

danish coffee table

danish coffee table from the late 50's

Preis: 325.00 Euro

Upholstered 1950

This classic 50's style armchair is in almost new condition which is extremely rare

Preis: 300.00 Euro


This elegant chair is made in stained turned beech and has a lovely high spindle back .

Preis: 200.00 Euro

 Manufactured by Gemla of Sweden

Gemla of Sweden

Preis: 140.00 Euro

AX easy chair

Preis: 650.00 Euro

Vintage Castelli stacking chairs

Preis: 160.00 Euro

Thonet Chair

Thonet chair with trade mark branded into the underside of the seat ,dated 1984

Preis: 120.00 Euro